The Art of French Conversation


This program is perfectly designed for Intermediate Learners seeking:

Confidence in Communication

Throughout the program, you'll not just learn French - you'll feel more French!

Communicate confidently on everyday topics and important aspects of French life.

Enhanced Listening Skills

Understand more French than ever and even the nuances of the language and respond with ease to keep the conversation flowing.

A Personal Touch

Our nurturing teaching style ensures you're supported every step of the way with a small group of likeminded learners.

Prepare to feel encouraged as we celebrate your progress with you!

Enrol Today and Transform Your French Conversation Skills!

Les détails: Où et Quand

(The where and The when)

  • Group Guided Conversations via Zoom (same time weekly)
  • Thursdays 12-1pm (Brisbane Australia)
  • Thursdays 1-2pm (Sydney Australia)
  • Wednesdays 6-7pm (San Francisco USA)
  • Wednesdays 9-10pm (New York USA)
  • Access to recordings for any missed call
  • Four Sessions Each month (a total of 20 for full semester)

Inside this program:

  • Guided Learning via Zoom
  • Monthly Topics for Faster Progress
  • Weekly Live Practice Sessions
  • Focus on Speaking and Understanding
  • Weekly Learning Materials
  • Payment Plan Available (monthly or discounted full semester)

How will The Art of French Conversation get you results?

Deepen Your French Foundations

This program is not just about

learning and memorising.

It's about immersing yourself

into the French language.

With a focus on Intermediate B1 level vocabulary, grammar, syntax and expressions, we ensure you're using and deepening the French you have.

Practice Makes Perfect

Through engaging and practical sessions, we refine your speaking and listening skills.

Our approach is not just academic -

it's about practical applications

for real-world scenarios.

Tailored Monthly Themes

Every month we introduce a new theme, carefully chosen to keep you

engaged and excited.

Prepare ahead of time and dive into each session with more confidence.

Flexible Learning

We understand life can be unpredictable. That's why we record all our sessions.

Miss a class?

No problem! - catch up in your own time and at your own pace.

I Designed This Series For A Special Group Of Intermediate French Learners

The Art of Conversation: Intermediate Series is crafted for those who have moved past the Upper Beginner A2 level and are ready to embrace a new depth to the French Language.

This series is perfect for you IF:

1 - Fluent Expression is Your Goal

You've know plenty of French words and phrases, and now you're eager to weave them into smooth, flowing conversations.

This series is your key to unlocking that ability, helping you assemble your thoughts in French with fluidity and confidence.

2 - You're Keen to Focus on Your Speaking and Listening Skills

You're not just looking to absorb more French through reading and writing; you dream to be able to converse with ease and understand spoken French as it’s naturally used. Let’s move beyond traditional textbook methods and get you immerse in real-world French conversations. With us, you'll practice and perfect the art of dialogue, enabling you to engage in meaningful exchanges.

3 - You Want to Progress and Learn Smarter

The idea of cramming endless French words and complex grammar rules doesn't appeal to you. Instead, you're drawn to a more intelligent and effective approach - focusing on practical, impactful learning that truly adds to your ability to converse in French.

Does this resonate with you?

The Art of French Conversation: Intermediate Series is more than just another language course.

This is a personalised and nurturing journey designed to deepen your understanding and

enjoyment of Intermediate B1 French topics.

It's really about growing your language skills in an environment

that's supportive, engaging, and focused on bringing out

the best in YOUR French-speaking abilities.

Join us, and let's redefine the way you learn and speak French

whilst enjoying every minute of the journey!



Join for every month or just one.

February 2024

Daily Life & Personal Experiences

Learn to discuss routines, hobbies, and personal experiences. This includes talking about past events, future plans, and expressing preferences.

March 2024

Travel & Leisure

Next, let's practice making travel plans, discussing holiday experiences, and talking about different cultures and customs. This includes making travel arrangements and sharing travel stories.

April 2024

Work & Education

Time to chat about your professional experiences, academic interests, and discussing career or study paths and future plans. This includes describing job responsibilities, academic subjects, or workplace culture.

May 2024

Shopping & Services

Engage in transactions in various settings like shops, restaurants, and markets. This includes making enquiries, discussing prices, making purchases, ordering food, and dealing with common service-related scenarios.

June 2024

Health & Well-Being

Learn to talk about health issues, give advice on healthy living, and discuss routines related to fitness and well-being. This includes visits to the doctor, describing symptoms, and discussing lifestyle choices.


New Intake Starts Each Month (before the 1st)

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I've helped thousands of French language lovers just like you...

Hi, I'm Devy, the Founder and Head Teacher of French Speak. I'm passionate about teaching the French language, and over the past 25+ years I've had the privilege of helping thousands of learners across the world.

While French Speak is headquartered in Australia, my students are all over the world: the USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Switzerland, and even The Congo!

So many of my students first make contact after lessons with other language schools. They are frustrated by their lack of progress and confidence when it comes to conversing!

My teaching philosophy is captured in French Speak's name: I want to get you French Speaking! I'm obsessed with finding fun and brain-friendly ways to teach French to adults. So we keep it simple and focused on the language elements that actually make you conversational.

I'm really proud of the impact my unique teaching style has on my students' learning, and know it can help you too!

– Devy Baseley

Flexible Month-by-Month Pricing

PAY FOR 1 MONTH at a time

Ideal for those who prefer flexibility or want to focus on specific themes

Risk-Free Guarantee

I want you to be 100% happy. If this course isn't for you, don't worry!

I offer a 14 Days Money-Back Guarantee on ALL French Speak courses.

No questions asked!

When you sign up

you will receive:

  • 4 Weekly Live Sessions Each Month

Connect weekly with a small, intimate group of fellow Francophiles, all committed to the same journey.

Our 4 live sessions each month (20 in total if you sign up for the whole semester) are more than just classes; they're lively discussions, a sharing of experiences, a celebration of progress and an encouraging practicing space.

And if life gets busy, don't worry. Each session is recorded, allowing you to catch up in your own time, ensuring you never miss a beat.

  • Tailored Learning Materials

With each new monthly theme, a collection of carefully curated learning materials to help you improve:

  • Speaking Prompts: These are your secret weapon for spontaneous, fluent conversations. They’ll allow you to dive into these curated topics that light you up and curiosity, empower you to express your thoughts and feelings in French with confidence.
  • Vocabulary Lists: Each new specific word you remember represents a tool to connect, to express, and to understand more on each topic.
  • Interactive Flashcards: These flashcards make memorising words a piece a cake (c’est du gâteau!). It makes learning words engaging and effective, so they can be turned into a vibrant daily conversations.
  • Authentic Reading Material: Delve into the heart of French culture with handpicked reading materials to help you gather more insights into Francophone people, French traditions, and France’s way of life.
  • Videos and Audios Material: These resources are your opportunity to improve your listening skills and understand of naturally spoken French language. They will bring you closer to fluency with each listen and will deepen your understanding of each topic.

What Other Intermediate Students Say About Learning With Devy

My years with French Speak have been filled with well-organized and varied lessons.

The teachers are friendly and adept at challenging students at just the right level, providing positive feedback and aiding progress.

- Janelle D

French Speak offers a personalised, positive learning experience.

Devy's considerate and fun teaching, with well-prepared lessons and achievable goals, makes learning enjoyable and encouraging.

- Susan R

French Speak is an excellent way to learn French, offering numerous opportunities for speaking practice.

The sessions are well-organised, enjoyable, and come highly recommended.

- Helen R

I've been with French Speak for several years, evolving from rusty school boy French to confident speaker and learner.

Devy's enthusiasm and flexible teaching, tailored to my interests and busy life, have been pivotal.

For anyone seeking a French teacher, start with French Speak.

- Edward M

Devy stands out as a teacher who brings structure and a sense of order to learning French.

Her online classroom feels intimate and safe, ideal for overcoming the vulnerabilities of language learning.

I appreciate the pace and constant feedback, making learning both fun and supportive.

- Rachelle P

New Intakes Start Each Month

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